18 Hour Swap: MK1 VR6

In just 18 hours using Eurowise’s MK1 VR6 conversion kit we transformed our tame little rabbit into a snarling beast. In that time-frame we removed both the motor from the donor car and our rabbit, installed the VR6 motor, fabricated a functioning and OEM appearing cooling system, wired the entire car and made other minor modifications to produce a fully functioning vehicle. The driving experience is everything you would expect: raw, visceral, and a total handful. Check out the end for footage of it running and driving…

Black Forest Industries: Project MK1 VR6 Rabbit from Black Forest on Vimeo.

4 Responses to 18 Hour Swap: MK1 VR6

  1. jack says:

    nice ! i wish i was in your state i would love to work for your company go to work doing after market everything on vws dream job ( i would move just sayin lol )

  2. gerardo says:

    were im can find de wire harness for mk1 to vr6

  3. Austin says:

    Can we see that corrado please :3

  4. my blog says:

    Amazing, this is a handy online site

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