Project 2.5l Turbo Rabbit

These days it seems like form has had it’s way with function- banishing function to sit in the corner and think about how it can come back and play nice without being a
total dork. The two were never really destined to be the best of friends, but in our opinion it is possible for them to co-exist- and Pete’s 2.5l Turbo Rabbit is just one
such example of that.

The most obvious compromise in the name of function for this project is the always controversial ride height and suspension set-up. VW went to the trouble to depart from their typical twist beam design and engineer an independent rear suspension, not just to ensure our wheels would stay centered in our wheel wells when the car is aired out, but also for a bit of performance gain as well. In keeping with the theme Pete elected not to spin his Koni coilovers all the way down, and he did not remove his perches. Pete’s 18x.8 ET37 BBS RS532 wheels weigh in at a hair over 20 lbs, less than a BBS LM but still offer drop dead good looks. Below the car, the installed 25mm Stabila Street anti-roll bar gives significant performance improvement without inducing too much over steer, further complementing the installed Uni-brace and Whiteline anti-lift kit.

Under the hood there is a place for everything and everything is in it’s place. The stand out star of the engine bay has to be the C2 Motorsports Quickflow short-runner intake manifold. Not only does it look incredibly well made, it adds noticeable top end power and gives the car a much more exotic sound not unlike something you’d hear from an Italian manufacturer. Not to be upstaged, our own Clean Catch oil separator looks right at home doing the dirty work for those valves and intake path. Harnessing the C2 Stage 2 turbo kit is our Stage 1 complete engine mount set, including a prototype of our very soon to be released 2.5l engine side mount. We are very proud of this particular piece as it offers superior strength, finish, and quality over anything else available, and it looks as good as it performs.

Rounding the car out, Pete chose to upgrade the lighting to European spec smoked headlights and tail lights that not only improve the looks, they offer enhanced night driving visibilty. Additionally euro Rabbit lower grilles replaced the factory US pieces, as well as a Votex replica lip spoiler. On the inside the car has been converted almost completely to full US GTI spec, with the only aftermarket upgrade being the always essential vent pod and New South boost gauge. Simplicity, cleanliness, and above all – functionality, have been the driving force behind this build and it definitely reflects the owner’s personality.



C2 MK5 2.5L – I5 Short Runner Intake
C2 Motorsports 2.5L Performance Software
– Custom 2.5″ Turbo-Back Exhaust (one resonator & one muffler)
BFI – Torque Arm Insert
MK5 / MK6 / MK2 TT BFI – Stage 1 Transmission Mount Inserts
-BFI Prototype Stage 1 2.5l Engine Mount
-Green Air Filter
BFI “Clean Catch” VTA Catch Can – 2.5l 5-Cylinder
-Prototype BFI Stage 2 Clutch

-18x.8 ET37 BBS RS532

BFI Polished BBS RS Quarter Height Billet Hex Caps – 72mm
– Pirelli PZero Nero 215/40/18
– Coming soon: Brembo 330mm GT Brake Kit

– Koni Coilovers
Stabila Street MK5 / MK6 / A3 / TT Rear Sway Bar 25mm
– Whiteline Anti-Lift Kit
– Unibrace Rear Stress Bar

Smoked Headlights – MkV Rabbit/Jetta
MK5 Crystal Smoked Markers
MK5 Euro Rabbit Lower Grille Inserts

BFI Stubby Antenna #3


-GTI Interlago Seats
-GTI Steering Wheel
-GTI Golf Ball Shift Knob
New South MK5 Turbo Ventpod Boost Gauge Kit


4 Responses to Project 2.5l Turbo Rabbit

  1. Can i order all of this for my 08 rabbit 2.5L
    And do tou this my tranmission will hold dur to i have a
    Automactic trany not a 6speed???

  2. will cruz says:

    How much did the whole set up run you guys? Is there any way to make it a rear wheel drive? I always wanted a hach as a dift car. Btw looks and sounds great. You guys did an amaimg job.

  3. Chris Rodriguez says:

    What are the numbers looking like? HP? TQ? I myself want a turbo kit for my 2.5L i5 VW Jetta.

  4. josie says:

    Would I be able to turbo charge my 07 2.5 vw rabbit it’s automatic?

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