NEW BFI Mk3 Motor Mount Spacers


If you’re tired of smashing those expensive oil pans on your MK3 and are looking to gain a bit of extra clearance, but don’t want to raise your car up then these engine mount spacers are the perfect option. They are a simple and quick install that give you an additional 17mm of clearance that will raise your engine, and more importantly your oil pan out of harm’s way.

Sold as a kit of 3, these spacers install between your engine mounts and your engine mount brackets and are fastened with included longer, and most importantly, upgraded 10.9 hardware. These spacers are also fully clear anodized for corrosion resistance and long lasting durability. Our spacers will last a lifetime.

17mm may not sound like a lot but it can sometimes be the difference between making it home safely, and a long and expensive process leaving you stranded. Below, you can see an after shot of our MK3 motor mount spacers installed and just how much higher the engine sits- almost flush with the subframe.


This is a side profile shot from the passenger fender showing just how much the engine is raised. In most applications the hood will close without modification but in some instances hood liner will need to be trimmed.

A look at the location of installation for the rear engine mount on a MK3

NEW BFI Mk3 Motor Mount Spacers

6 Responses to NEW BFI Mk3 Motor Mount Spacers

  1. Ben Holland says:

    I do understand you are raising all 3 mounts up evenly but this can not be good for the cv shaft in high torque/ HP applications maybe not even normal conditions? I have not tried this product yet but from your pictures your front wheel on the passenger side is on 3 sheets of 1/2 inch plywood take a pic with it on the ground and a measuring stick under there without a modified oil pan, then let’s see how much clearance there is. Nice product but it is like looking a Big Mac on a bill board, till you figure it’s not the same in real life. Not trying in anyway shape or form to insult you cause you guys have great products for us die hard VW fans, prices and never have I once had a complaint or issue with you. BFI is definitely in #1 category for me, and my friends. I have a VW shop and order through you all the time, and my customers. But that is what I would need to see before I chop on someone’s hood and worsen a driveline before I order this product. Hope you understand and maybe reply back that would be cool.



  2. Franklin Torres says:

    I’m interested in motor mount spacers, but something in a smaller size since I do not want to greatly affect the handling characteristics of my car. Will a smaller size be available?

    There is a typo.

    “…an additional 17mm of clearance that will raise you engine…”

    Should read “yours”.

    You guys are awesome!

  3. Administrator says:

    @Benjamin- This product is typically used on vehicles that are lowered far more than 17mm – which ultimately changes the axle / CV angle. By raising the motor you are restoring a closer to factory/oem relationship and this helps to prevent axle binding. The only issue of concern is axle to body clearance which varies with application. The hood clearance is tight but definitely not a reason to deter anyone from installation. Our photo of the under side of the vehicle showing the oil pan is not to illustrate total ground clearance, but rather the relationship of the oil pan to the subframe. There would be no point in showing the oil pan ground clearance as that varies from vehicle depending on ride height, and wheel and tire choice.

    @Franklin – we do not plan to offer any additional sizes at the moment – and a difference of a few millimeters would likely not be noticeable at all in terms of handling for 99% of driving.

  4. Luke Nichols says:

    The spacers look great! The only issue I see is that there is no longer a place to mount the o2 sensor wire bracket. I dont want it just floating around the bay. The correct OEM style bolt with threads on the top to mount the bracket would be a huge improvement to what seems like a great product.

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  6. tiago says:

    this spacers is comptible with seat ibiza mk3?

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