Berg-Cup MK1 Rabbit Project

Rarely do you ever see a MK1 that’s been rescued from imminent death at the hands of a careless and neglectful owner. Sure, there are those few at the shows that have been restored to their former glory but how often do you get the chance to lay eyes on one with purposeful and elegant fender flares molded into the body. One with a ducted lip spoiler that sits perilously close to the ground and is preciously held onto the body by three little Dzus fasteners. Doing something different has become next to impossible these days, but this is Matt Halley’s attempt at doing just that. This car isn’t necessarily built to be a track car, nor is it meant to just look pretty at the scene meets. This car can best be described a full scale model- that you can actually drive- eventually.

The bones of the project are fairly obvious. Berg-cup flare kit, massive BBS motorsport wheels, gutted and caged , aluminum race seat- all motivated by a 2.0 ABA crate motor with dual Dellorto carbs. The lesser seen details are soon to follow as the project moves forward and takes shape. For now take a look at how the Rabbit was received less than 24 hours before our Oktoberfest and 10 year anniversary.

3 Responses to Berg-Cup MK1 Rabbit Project

  1. alan crossley says:

    love the berg cup mk1 Iam going to build a 1988 mk1 convertabe berg cup like some info on the wheels you are using Thank u

  2. Sarel Greeff says:

    Dear sir. Thank you for taking the time to read my letter,pls help me iam seeking info on were to buy a berg cup kit.iam living in south afrika and this place is so behind the time there is no place here that is selling those kits and the only place and way for me to obtain a kit is to buy one from some one living in the U K or Germany.this brings me to my point if you can locate and obtain a kit for me i would then depsit funds to your acc,for the buying and shipping to south afrika. i have a golf mk1 1988 4 door ON A SET OF 15″ MAGS, as i have heard that it is important to the size of the wheels and that you get two types of kits one for rally and one for track. i am wanting the one for track the berg cup kit as its known.Please if you can help it would be greatly appreciated and i do thank you in advance.
    kind regards sarel.

  3. alan crossley says:

    need info on your berg cup rabbit Going to build mk1 convertable berg cupp LIKE ANY INFO WOULD HELP THANK YOU

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