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Black Forest Industries was established in 2001 with the intention of providing high quality parts at an affordable price to the rapidly growing VW/Audi aftermarket.We are a Raleigh / Cary Volkswagen VW Audi BMW Service Performance Repair facility. With the growth of the scene we at Black Forest Industries grew too, expanding our parts inventory as well as our service and installation offerings. Now at our third retail location we are able to more comfortably serve both online and local customers alike. From installs to basic service OEM replacement, performance or cosmetic parts, we have you covered. Take a minute to look below and meet the team.


Adam service advisor / customer service

Adam has owned all manner of VW and BMW throughout his years. While he is partial to the older cars with more “character” he is still more than capable of helping you out up front by suggesting the best way to upgrade or just keep your German car running. Having formerly been a manager for a major parts chain at multiple locations he is also fluent at finding you the most specific part you need for your project

’91 318is, Mercedes 190E 2.3, ABA Caddy,

Joe product dev.

A jack of all trades Joe does a little bit of everything. When he’s not flashing cars with the latest APR software you can find him at his computer knocking up the latest Solidworks model before it becomes a reality on our shelves. When it comes to the MK5 he’s a bit of a bookworm so if you’ve got questions fire away!

’83 Rabbit GTI, ’13 A3 IS38

Adam purchasing / manufacturing

If you can get past the gruff exterior you’ll find an undeniable wealth of VW knowledge underneath. Obscure facts abound as Adam eats sleeps and breathes dubs. He is responsible for conceiving, sourcing,building and shipping those sought after parts you need. Chances are you won’t find him on the phone unless you’re a vendor as most days hes buried in his cave churning out those motor mounts.

’83 Caddy, ’91 Jetta GLI, ’97 Jetta GT, ‘04.5 Jetta GLI, ’11 A5

Daniel web maint. / marketing

If you’re looking at a new part added to the store it’s most likely thanks to Daniel. When he’s not working on the store or updating these pages you can find him running the Facebook page, administering contests and promotions, or helping customers. A behind the scenes role keeps him hidden day to day but come show season you’ll see him at the booth with the rest of the gang.

’92 Corrado SLC,’04 R32, ’15 Golf TSI

Thien design / customer service

We brought Thien on to help keep things organized first and foremost. In the future however we hope to utilize his design skills to give BFI a fresh look. When Thien isn’t designing flyers, automotive wraps, or web graphics you can find him at all of the local night spots DJing for the masses.

’08 Rabbit

Carrie customer service / sales

Carrie is often affectionately referred to as ‘shop mom’ as she keeps day to day operations flowing smoothly as well as making sure everyone’s affairs are in order. If you’re a vendor looking to make a payment, she’s the one to talk to.

Ford something or other

Pete customer service / sales

Pete relocated from Michigan with his wife in 2011 to become a part of BFI as our first point of contact for all sales related questions and customer service concerns. Pete fit in perfectly here as he has had his hands on just about every make and model of VW at one time or another. His experience gives him the ability to accurately answer questions about a wide range of subjects. His specialty lately is his own 2.5 Turbo project that you may have seen on our projects page

’10 Golf

Jasen shipping / production manager

Jasen was brought on to help us keep up with our continually expanding online sales growth. Jasen is a hard worker and a genuinely good person. Of late he has been having some bad luck with his current daily driver E30 318is, but fortunately it has given us the opportunity to relearn some of the more common quirks associated with older bimmers.

’04 GLI

Michael sales / customer service

Michael is an enthusiastic and always positive individual who is always ready to answer your questions, find you the best deal, or help solve your problem. When he’s not attending shows or meets, he’s riding his bike, or tinkering with his ongoing Caddy project. Summer’s almost over, Michael…

’06 A3, ’83 Caddy

Alejandro service technician

Alejandro is a UTI graduate with years of dealership experience under his belt. His varied knowledge of all things German make him a perfect fit here at the shop. When he’s not wrenching on cars he can be found near a computer, whether it be gaming or just learning about networking.

’91 VR6 Jetta Coupe

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