ALL MK4 Control Arms 30% OFF


Now through the end of June, while our very limited supplies last, we are offering 30% off of our pre-loaded, ready to install control arms. If your MK4 has not received any TLC in this department, then it definitely needs this worthwhile repair / upgrade. Worn control arm bushings can lead to annoying clunks, vague steering feel, and even more dangerous steering wheel shimmy at speed.  So, if you have been putting off this job, now is the best time to take advantage of better pricing and refresh the suspension on your MK4!


Prothane Polyurethane Bushings– These polyurethane bushings are made to give the greatest performance increase by deflecting the least out of any option available for your car. By nature these bushings dampen the least and will transmit the most amount of road feel through the cabin and steering wheel.

R32 Bushings / with Polyurethane – This combination pairs R32 rear control arm bushings with polyurethane front bushings. The R32 bushings are similar to the stock factory bushings in that they are both constructed of rubber, however the R32 bushings are completely solid, whereas the factory MK4 bushing has empty voids in it to allow for additional slop and movement. Over time the factory MK4 bushing can tear as a result of these voids, which leads to the unwanted driving characteristics and safety issues. The R32 replacement bushings offer a similar performance and durability upgrade to the polyurethane with slightly less total performance yet with slightly added comfort.

Ball Joints- We offer factory replacement ball joints with each option of control arm, as with the bushings in the arm and any amount of high mileage, these tend to fail and cause unwanted clunking and driving feel. This is a “might as well” replacement part and one that we would highly recommend in conjunction with the control arms if they have not been replaced.




MK4 Control Arms – R32 & Poly Bushings w/ Ball Joints

MK4 Control Arms – Prothane Poly Bushings w/ Ball Joints

MK4 Control Arms – R32 & Poly Bushings

 MK4 Control Arms – Prothane Poly Bushings

MK4 Replacement Control Arm with Stock Bushings

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