BBS RC 090 Style 5 / 19 3-Piece


Continuing to expand our line of specialized wheel parts, we are now offering kits to up-convert your 17-inch, BBS Style 5 / Style 19 to 3-piece 18-inch. This kit includes one lip and barrel, thirty-four ARP ultra high strength stainless steel wheel bolts, or chrome plated steel assembly hardware, thirty-four Dacromet coated nuts, one valve stem of your choice (tall or short) and one tube of sealant (per wheel set).  All barrels and lips are made from 6061 sheet aluminum. Lips are mirror polished and barrels are a raw, non-polished finish available in various widths for both lip and barrel. This is the most comprehensive wheel conversion kit on the market!


Style5_Hardware_VF  Style5_Sealant_VF








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