BFI "Bomb Plates" MK1/2/3 and Caddy Drop Plates


With our new "BFI Bomb Plates" you can drop cars AND bombs. These stainless steel plates are designed and machined in-house here at Black Forest Industries and specifically engineered to offer the maximum amount of possibilities for lowering your vehicle. With our flex fit mounting locations you can choose to lower your vehicle in 1/2" increments to let you dial in the perfect fit.

Not only are these great for lowering your Caddy, but these also work great on your other MK1-MK3 for lowering the rear of your vehicle, while still maintaining suspension travel, as well as geometry.  Lowering range from 2.0"- 3.5"


** 2" Drop compatible with drum brakes only**

All grade 10.9 hardware necessary for installation is included with our kits for a ready to bolt on solution. 

Machined from 10mm Stainless Steel 

All MK1 (including Caddy)
All MK2
All MK3