Powerflex Front Control Arm Inner Bushing (Rear)

Powerflex Front Control Arm Inner Bushing (Rear)

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Poor Handling? Excessive Tire Wear? Braking Instability? These are the common problems associated with soft, aging, or failing rubber suspension bushings. Powerflex offers the cure to your handling blues! In most cases, no special tools are required for installation, and new applications are being added regularly while existing applications are constantly being updated, so there's a wide range of performance products available for popular models. And don't forget that all Powerflex engineered parts come with a Lifetime Warranty.



  • 8P A3
  • MK2 TT
  • CC
  • Eos
  • MK5 Jetta
  • MK5 Rabbit / GTI / R32
  • MK6 Golf / GTI / R
  • B6 Passat
  • Tiguan 2009-2016