Active Autowerke BMW F30 328i Signature Exhaust
Active Autowerke BMW F30 328i Signature Exhaust
Active Autowerke BMW F30 328i Signature Exhaust
Active Autowerke BMW F30 328i Signature Exhaust

Active Autowerke BMW F30 328i Signature Exhaust

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Double Your Options, Double Your Fun True performance, durability, and attractive weight advantage with innovative features places the Active Autowerke BMW F30 328i Signature Exhaust in a class of its own. This BMW F30 3-Series exhaust delivers everything we know you would want in a performance exhaust. Eye-catching style, a sophisticated yet aggressive tone, weight savings, and – most importantly – measurable horsepower performance gains. This system is constructed from 100% polished 304-stainless steel and features adjustable 80mm double walled tips, making it ideal both for 2-door and 4-door models (also allows for cleaner fitment with diffusers). Or the other sporty option of a 140mm diameter single oval outlet. With either selection, all exhaust tips are all finished in a high polish luster that is a noticeable upgrade when comparing to the BMW factory counterpart. As for the sound…Well, check out some user-uploaded reviews and video over on This muffler turns your 328i exhaust tone into a sporty but mellow tone that is not only exhilarating but non obtrusive on your ears. Check out the youtube video showing the drive-by and sound file. The factory counterpart weighs 29 lbs. while the Active Autowerke Signature exhaust weighs only a mere 19 lbs. Weight savings are not the only attributes, this exhaust has a modular design with its v-band clamps that makes fitment a snap. A revelation in BMW Tuning. Finally, the real meat and potatoes will always be the horsepower numbers. On the in-house Active Autowerke Mustang dyno, our otherwise 100% stock 2013 328i test mule spun the rollers to the tune of an extra 9 RWHP, and 13 LB-FT of torque…from “just” a quality muffler upgrade. Turbos love to exhale, and we are very anxious to continue to unearth just how much extra power is hiding in the stock exhaust system. Nearly 10 extra stallions is a difference you will feel instantly, with the potential for more. *Note: Exhaust system requires cutting of the factory pipe for installation. Dimensions and cutting measurements are included in the instructions.
Some models have a round tubular pipe that makes the installation seamless. Other models have an oblong shape and will require welding instead of clamping.
Key Features:
> Larger diameter mandrel bent piping for maximum flow
> Durable, polished 100% 304 stainless steel
> Double-walled 80mm Signature stainless tips
> Adjustable Tips with Embossed Active Autowerke Logo on the Dual Tip model
> Improved power & torque throughout entire RPM band
> Actual dyno measure results with gains of 10 + WHP over stock configuration
> Weighs 19 Lbs vs. the factory of 29 Lbs.
> Fitment for Coupe,Convertible and Sedans
> Complete illustrated instruction manual
> Two year warranty