APR B6 1.8T Stage 3+
APR B6 1.8T Stage 3+

APR B6 1.8T Stage 3+

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APR announces the Stage III+ kit, the ultimate turbo system upgrade for the 2002-2005 A4 1.8T. This kit is capable of 340 horsepower and 332 foot-pounds of torque at the flywheel on 93 octane gas, while retaining stock-like drivability.

The highlights of the kit include the following:
> APR Investment Cast Inconel Exhaust Manifold
> Honeywell/Garrett Ballistic Series Ball-Bearing Turbocharger
> Larger APR designed Mass Airflow Sensor Housing
> APR Custom Cast Silicone Intake Hoses
> APR High Flow Fuel Injectors
> All Associate Plumbing and Hardware The power increase with the APR Stage III+ kit for the A4 1.8T is substantial! It is highly recommended that brake and suspension upgrades are done to safely use the potential of this upgrade. It is also recommended that the stock engine internals be upgraded for power levels above 93 octane, as APR is not responsible for this type of damage to the engine.