APR B6/B7 S4 ECU Upgrade

APR B6/B7 S4 ECU Upgrade

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The ultimate chip upgrade for the S4 4.2 engine is available from APR. After months of long nights and many hours of dyno work we are pleased to offer you chip tuning that is second to none. APR has worked hand in hand with many customers to deliver a chip that works. Expect increases in throttle response and a smoother, more powerful top end. APR chips are available in an octane specific version for the octane of gasoline that you typically run in your car. The power that the chip makes also depends on which ECU is in your vehicle. The S4 4.2 ECU can be upgraded with either the use of a soldered in EMCS module, or DirectPort Programming. For more information on DirectPort Programming, please see the DirectPort page. For more information on the ECU upgrade, please see the charts below



91 Octane Chipped 93 Octane Chipped DirectPort




** 352hp/312lb-ft Y


*Due to many variations, ALWAYS refer to the ECU part number in your car.
**Speed and Rev Limt changes only.

*For a limited time only, this software includes ALL EMCS programs and options.
These options include:

Stock Program
91 Chipped Program
93 Chipped Program
Valet Program
Fault Code Erase
Throttle Body Alignment
Security Feature
APR AntiTheft

All APR chip upgrades use encryption, which serve several purposes. Mainly, it keeps prying eyes out of our software and prevents lesser companies from copying the chip and degrading the product. Also, all APR software is undetectable to a dealers VAG diagnostic tool.

All APR chip software comes with lifetime free upgrades. There is also a lifetime warranty against defects in the software or soldering. All chip upgrades have a 30-day Money Back Guarantee.