BFI MK3 - Performance Kit - VR6


Our MK3 VR6 Performance Kit is the perfect way to increase performance on your OBD-II 12v VR6 Golf or Jetta! These MK3 VR6 Performance Kits include one motor mount kit and one PEM. This kit saves you $60 off regular retail price!
All of our MK3 motor mount kits are constructed from solid gravity cast polyurethane and NOT made from rubber like the performance robbing factory pieces. This will ensure an extremely long product life that will not break down like rubber, while still proving huge increases in performance. All necessary hardware is included!

  • Stealth Mounts (Black) are recommended for VR6 enthusiasts who want factory-like comfort with a small increase in performance over stock.?˜
  • Stage 1 Mounts (Yellow) are recommended for majority of VR6 enthusiasts. These are the most popular choice for MK3 VR6 vehicles - a perfect blend of comfort and performance.?˜
  • Stage 2 Mounts (Green) are recommended for VR6 enthusiasts who value performance over comfort. These mounts will generate some in-car vibrations, but will provide maximum performance.

Our BFI VR6 PEMs are designed specifically to not only increase power and throttle response, but to also smooth out the power as it is delivered throughout the RPM range. Both Stage 1 and Stage 2 VR6 PEMs offer noticeable performance gains over stock on the VR6 engine. Carefully mapped adjustments to the fueling and timing allow the most to be extracted from VW's VR6 powerplant while using 93 or 91 octane. Our PEM also increases the rev limiter to 7,000 RPM and deletes the top speed governor for those taking it to the track.

  • Stage 1 PEM is programmed for vehicles with factory camshafts.
  • Stage 2 PEM is programmed for vehicles with aftermarket camshafts.


  • Your choice of: Stealth Mount Kit, Stage .5 Mount Kit or Stage 1 Mount Kit
  • Your choice of: Stage 1 PEM or Stage 2 PEM (cam specific)


  • 1996-1998 MK3 Golf/Jetta OBD-II 12v VR6


  • If you choose a cam specific PEM, please tell us your camshaft specs in the comments of your order!
  • The "Street" file of the BFI OBD-II VR6 performance software is federal emissions compliant.
  • Only fits OBD-II models with ECU part numbers ending in 259. (example: 021.906.259)