BFI MK7 2.0T TSI Clutch Kit and Lightweight Flywheel - Stage 4

SKU: BFI20T3240ST4

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These new Lightweight Flywheel and Clutch Kits are offered in 5 different stages, to meet a variety of applications. Below we have outlined and simplified what each kit includes to give you and idea of just which kit is right for you.

Our Ultra Lightweight Flywheels are made from 4140 forged steel and tip the scales at only 18.85 lbs. These are superior in strength and far lighter than cast versions allowing you to free up more horsepower and rev faster than with your sluggish factory parts. Included in every kit.

STAGE 4 & 5:
Our Stage 4 & 5 kits are comprised of both a 6 puck, and 4 puck copper, sprung, ceramic disc respectively. Both kits utilize our 2500 lb pressure plate. The Stage 4 kit is good for a max torque of 500 ft lbs while the Stage 5 kit is good for a max torque of 550 ft lbs. These kits are great options for a big turbo set-up. In addition to the parts mentioned above, we also include brand new hardware, a specific clutch alignment tool, and a brand new OEM replacement release bearing.