BFI VR6 228mm Clutch and Billet Lightweight Flywheel Kit - Stage 3 (02A / 02J)


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This Stage 3 clutch kit includes a segmented Ceramic clutch disc with a performance pressure plate that will provide the ultimate in street and strip combinations. This assembly is suited for 150% increase in torque capacity. Provides quick but smooth engagement and extended life. Good for 350 - 400 ft lbs of torque at the wheels. The included Ultra Lightweight Flywheel made from 4140 forged steel tips the scales at only 9.25 lbs. KIT INCLUDES:
  • Performance pressure plate
  • High torque sprung disc with segmented Ceramic facings
  • Ultra lightweight forged steel flywheel
  • All applicable bearings
  • Appropriate alignment tool
  • All hardware required for installation

  • This clutch kits fits 02A & 02J 5-speed transmissions only.
  • Does not fit 02M 6-speed equipped vehicles!