• This deposit is being used in order for us to send you a replacement shift knob before the defective shift knob is returned to us.
  • A prepaid shipping return label will be included with the replacement.
  • Your defective shift knob must be returned within 7 business days of receiving your replacement.
  • If you do not return the defective shift knob, your deposit will not be released and you will be charged $99.99.
  • If your shift knob is physically damaged in any way, you must disclose this damage prior to starting this process. Knobs that are physically damaged will not be exchanged, but instead will be re-anodized. If you ignore this disclaimer and a damaged knob is returned to us, your deposit will not be refunded and you will be charged $99.99.
  • Please be sure to include your full name and current shipping address during checkout. This is the address we will be sending your replacement part(s) to.
  • If an incorrect address is used and the package cannot be delivered, you will be charged a $12.50 correction / return fee.
  • If you have any questions, please ask before completing this deposit process.