Audi R8 Fabspeed Exhaust Installation

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It doesn't take a math wizard to realize that 10 cylinders are better than 8, but when you can't hear that extra liter of displacement it is a bit of a disappointment. Fortunately remedying this issue is not too difficult thanks to Fabspeed and their sport exhaust system designed specifically for the 5.2l V10 engine. As one of the more "afforadable" options out there on the market, this system comes in at just a hair over $3k. The basic construction uses an x-pipe, four resonators, and provisions for the factory V-band clamps. Also included are a few proprietary custom cut mounting brackets as well as dual exhaust exit pipes that mimic the original system.

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The engine configuration and exhaust placement on the R8 necessitate removal of a significant portion of the rear of the car. All of the carbon side cladding in the engine bay, the air box, tail lights, rear bumper and rebar have to be excavated in order to unearth the huge box that is the rear muffler.  Additionally, since the R8 is so well built, there are a vast amount of fasteners, almost 3 times as many on other vehicles that serve the same function. This contributes to the solid feel and keeps everything in its place.

DSC_9809 DSC_9816

A look inside the engine compartment gives you an idea how sealed off and buried the exhaust case is.  You can see the flex pipe and v band connection below with the air box out of the way.


The factory exhaust removed (bottom right)


Factory exhaust


The Fabspeed exhaust mocked up in place just to get an idea of fit. Eventual installation requires removing and reusing all of the original and existing heat shielding which works with the aftermarket system still


There was an immediate and apparent weight difference between the two exhausts, and our curiosity got the best of us so we couldn't help but weigh the two systems. The original exhaust came in at just over 60lbs, while the Fabspeed piece was closer to 20. Obviously a significant weight reduction, however we should point out that the Fabspeed system is devoid of any catalytic convertors whereas the OEM system has several.

DSC_9836 DSC_9838 DSC_9839 DSC_9843

Almost all buttoned up


Quick soundclip of installed system

Audi R8 Fabspeed Exhaust Installation

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