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With the ever-growing complexity of aftermarket parts sales, distribution and the added task of customer care and vehicle service, we at Black Forest Industries created a new entity strictly for European vehicle service and repair. From now on all service functions are performed by Black Forest Technik, a highly engineered service experience. Black Forest Technik will hit the ground running - conveniently located in the building behind Black Forest Industries, at 200 Travis Park Drive - your service experience will be even better than before. That’s why we made this change, to focus on customer experience, and dedicate more time and resources to make your European car better..

Many of the faces at Black Forest Technik are the same as the ones working on your vehicle at Black Forest Industries, with one notable exception. The addition of General Manager Jonny Byleick. Jonny has over a decade of experience as an Audi master technician and shop manager and brings with him a wealth of knowledge on servicing European Vehicles.


All of the services previously available at Black Forest Industries will continue from basic service and scheduled maintenance to performance installs. With the addition of an alignment rack, Black Forest Technik can now also align your European automobile with precision.

200 Travis Park Dr (behind Black Forest Industries)
Cary, North Carolina

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