Audi R8 GS2 V2

After revisiting the our initial R8 gated shift knob design, we were determined to create an improved, slicker design for the R8 GS2. After a lengthy research and development process, we are excited to bring to you our BFI Audi R8 GS2 V2 shift knob. Utilizing our popular GS2 design, we have reshaped our Audi R8 GS2 with our latest revision.


Made from billet aluminum, and anodized for surface finish longevity, each of our GS2 shift knobs are assembled by hand, ensuring consistent quality.


Specifically designed for maximizing the aesthetic appeal with the R8 gated shift lever, our revised GS2 fits the R8 seamlessly. 


Take your pick of our ever-expanding catalog of material and color options, and you can even add a colored coin of your choice for that extra layer of customization.

R8 GS2 Color/Material Options

Black Air Leather / Machined Finish

Magma Red Air Leather / Machined Finish

Rosso Centaurus Air Leather / Machined Finish

Maritime Blue Air Leather / Machined Finish

Giallo Taurus Yellow Air Leather / Machined Finish

Nougat Brown Air Leather / Machined Finish

Black Nappa Leather / Machined Finish

Black Alcantara / Machined Finish

Red Alcantara / Machined Finish

Blue Alcantara / Machined Finish

Orange Alcantara / Machined Finish

Charcoal Alcantara / Machined Finish

Black Air Leather w/ Gold Top

Black Air Leather / Black Anodized

Magma Red Air Leather / Black Anodized

Rosso Centaurus Air Leather / Black Anodized

Maritime Blue Air Leather / Black Anodized

Giallo Taurus Yellow Air Leather / Black Anodized

Nougat Brown Air Leather / Black Anodized

Black Nappa Leather / Black Anodized

Black Alcantara / Black Anodized

Red Alcantara / Black Anodized

Blue Alcantara / Black Anodized

Orange Alcantara / Black Anodized

Charcoal Alcantara / Black Anodized

Black Alcantara w/ Gold Top

Universal GS2 Air Leather

One of the most common questions we get is if our GS2 will fit "X" car. More often than not, the answer is no due to our knobs being designed specifically to fit VW/Audi, BMW/MINI and Porsche. However, we are happy to release our first “Universal Knob”, designed for a multitude of applications. Through our use of various threaded adapters, we have adapted an M16 thread to a range of possible different fitments. The different fitments are as follows:

Included Metric Adapters:
8mm x 1.25
10mm x 1.25
10mm x 1.5
12mm x 1.25
12mm x 1.5
12mm x 1.75

Included Standard Adapters: