Unlock Savings to Start the Season!

AWE is starting the season of modifications with a bang! Now until March first, get 15% off MSRP pricing on all AWE products - Exhaust, intakes intercoolers and more are now all on sale. AWE doesn't cut corners on quality, and that follows with their sale - 15% off all available AWE products. They don't run sales like this very often. Don't blink, this sale will be over next week, and you dont want to miss it. 


For over a decade AWE has been opening the passageways for cooler, deeper breaths. From best-in-class carbon fiber air boxes, to simple intakes, to proprietary high-flow filters, the AirGate™ and S-FLO lines combine performance, aesthetics, trademark AWE quality, and guaranteed fitment. Take a deep breath, right here. Each Intake is hand wrapped in 2x2 carbon fiber twill formed and autoclaved to ,perfection.


Designed, engineered, and handmade in-house by a team of specialists, driven by one goal: to craft the Best Sounding Exhausts on the Planet. From McLarens to Civics to Audis to F-150s, every AWE exhaust is built to last, with trademark AWE No CEL and Perfect Fitment Guarantees. With a suite spanning from sophisticated Touring Edition Exhausts featuring AWE’s patented drone-canceling 180 Technology®, to valved SwitchPath™ Exhausts, to more “disobedient” Track Edition Exhausts, there’s an option for every taste and budget. In other words, it’s not “which exhaust,” but rather, “which AWE exhaust.”


Confidence in cooling. AWE has been winning the battle against heat-based power loss for decades. The artillery? The AWE Intercooler and ColdFront™ Heat Exchanger lines. In-house-engineered technology keeps Intake Air Temperatures down and power up thanks to precision-designed end tanks surrounding massive bar and plate style cores, affording giant increases in fluid volume and frontal surface areas. Add in AWE’s class-leading Fitment Guarantees and you’re off to the races.