And onto the next generation... after releasing our BMW F30 and F80 engine mounts, we had to take it a step further and drop our complete replacement engine mounts for the latest BMW generations, including G8x M models and G20 vehicles. 

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Our engine mounts will completely replace your old, tired, factory engine mounts. From the factory, BMW engine mounts use softer bushings to aid in creating a cushier ride. This softness is a detriment to performance and overall longevity as the mount can often fail prematurely. We eliminate this possibility by replacing the mount completely with our proprietary bushing and bracket/cup design. Maximizing bushing area while trying to minimize vibration where possible gives our mount the advantage of having the best ride characteristics possible from a urethane bushing mount.


Utilizing laser scanning technology - we are the first to offer a solution that gives a factory fit and finish to each mount. All bosses are matched replicas of the stock locations, and all tool clearances and specs are maintained. The use of billet aluminum instead of cast and an increased minimum thickness creates a mount that is dramatically stronger than the cast stock mount, giving you that extra peace of mind during those spirited drives.

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Take your pick between our Stage 1 and our Stage 2 mounts. Stage 1 mounts come with 65a durometer bushings, and are geared towards the spirited enthusiast who wants better control over motor movement without the sacrifice of excessive vibrations. Stage 2 mounts come with 85a durometer bushings, recommended for the hardcore enthusiast who is more concerned with performance than cabin vibrations. Stage 2 is great for spirited runs and track cars, but is not recommended for daily driven vehicles. 

BFI BMW G8x Mounts

Our G8x engine mounts fit the following vehicles:

  • 2023+ G87 M2
  • 2021+ G80 M3
  • 2021+ G82 M4

BFI BMW G8x (M models) Stage 1 Engine Mount Kit

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BFI BMW G8x (M models) Stage 2 Engine Mount Kit

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BFI BMW G2x & G42 Mounts

Our G20 engine mounts fit the following vehicles:

  • 2021+ G42 2 Series
  • 2019+ G20 3 Series
  • 2019+ G22 4 Series

BFI BMW G20 Stage 1 Engine Mount Kit

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BFI BMW G20 Stage 2 Engine Mount Kit

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