BFI DSG / Auto GS2 Shift Knob


** O F F E R   E X P I R E D **

This is a discounted pre-order sale good through Friday, Sept 11th! Orders are being accepted, but will not ship until Monday, Sept 21st at the earliest. By placing an order you will be guaranteed a DSG / Automatic when they arrive from manufacturing. As an added bonus, all DSG / Automatic shift knobs are being sold at a reduced rate ($149.99). This sale price will only be honored during the pre-order sale through Sept 11th. Any pre-order cancellations will be subject to a 15% restocking fee

Just because your car doesn't have a third pedal, doesn't mean you should be stuck with some goofy shifter. Until now options were limited to OEM and other less than ideal choices for those with DSG / Automatic cars. Fortunately with our proprietary design you can ditch your stock shifter and switch to a more traditional style knob. To disengage the lockout you simply lift up, rather than pressing the trigger. It is that simple. Installation is straightforward and takes only a short while. Our new shifter is currently compatible will all GS2 shift knobs, and our specific adapter is designed to work only with GS2 knobs. Enjoy more ergonomic and satisfying shifting in manual mode by adding one of these new knobs to your car today.


  • One GS2 shift knob
  • One BFI crest logo coin
  • One DSG / Automatic shift adapter
  • Four set screws
  • Allen key for set screws

** O F F E R   E X P I R E D **

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