Black Forest Industries is proud to announce a new partnership as master distributor for the complete line of Pwrhaus products ( ) Focused primarily on Audi and VW aftermarket hardware- Pwrhaus strives to offer the best return on the customer's performance dollar. The existing range of products include : upgraded silicone boost hose kits, front mount intercooler kits, diverter valve spacers and diverter valves, and other specialty hardware pieces. With plans for future expansion, Pwrhaus will be an aftermarket supplier to watch in the coming months. The Pwrhaus MK4 FMIC Kit is the absolute best bang for your performance dollar on the market. Constructed of polished aluminum mandrel bent tubing and multilayer silicone hose couplers, this FMIC kit is every bit as good as those priced significantly higher. All tubing is bead rolled to ensure tight connections, and for even more peace of mind, high quality T-bolt hose clamps are included so you never have to worry about boost leaks. The intercooler core is a bar and plate style able to handle and efficiently cool large boost increases. The core is sized to allow maximum performance while also allowing customers to retain their stock bumpers with only minimal modification to ducting. This is truly the best value in intercooler upgrades available today.

Protect that precious boost and ensure that it has the largest most consistent path into your engine by installing this complete silicone boost hose kit. This kit replaces every soft rubber hose on your 1.8T with much more durable formed multilayer silicone pieces. Provides a smoother driving experience with less surging. This is also great preventative maintenance against boost leaks! Available with and without the Pwrhaus Turbo Inlet Pipe.

Eliminate clutter with Pwrhaus' machined aluminum plates. Made in Pwrhaus, these really help to clean up your 1.8t engine bay by blocking off the passage where the secondary air injection system once was. An OEM metal gasket is included for proper sealing as well as stainless headcap hardware for a complete bolt on installation. Looking for an incredible sound from your 2.0T ? Well look no further than the Pwrhaus Diverter Valve Spacer. With it's unique slotted outlet design you get incredible audible feedback from your motor - sounds unlike any on the market. Machined anodized construction, includes all hardware for a bolt on installion. Simply great sound

March 08, 2012