While attending Bugout 72 in Manassas, Virginia, for the umpteenth time since we've been going to shows- we couldn't help but look at around at all of the die-hard air cooled show goers and speculate on what things would be like for this more current generation of water cooled enthusiasts in 30 years time. Would the same amount of enthusiasm for the cars, the comradery, the scene as a whole prevail or are the days of the modern VW numbered? Will there still be parts sources for MK2's in 2043? Will people still be pushing the mechanical and logistical boundaries of their builds- like the Coca-Cola 1.8t swapped single cab behind our booth? Only time will tell but given the state of things the future looks solid and we're looking forward to seeing how things develop, and to continuing to enjoy these cars we all love for many years to come. Bugout may not be the biggest show on the roster but there is always something interesting to look at, genuinely nice people to meet, and plenty of entertainment- and after all isn't that what these shows are about?

September 04, 2012