Bulletproof A3

In The Shop

There are a lot of things we take for granted living in the good 'ol United States of America. Among them none is more important than our sense of personal security. Most of us have the luxury of leaving our homes and heading to work on any given day under the safe assumption that a vigilant mob will not open fire on our vehicle while stopped at the corner of McDonald's and Starbucks. Unfortunately for others in this world that is the reality they live with on a daily basis. But rather than holing up in their homes, those people do the best they can with the situation and take every precautionary measure possible- including armoring the bejeezus out of their Audi A3s.

This particular customer of ours lives in Medellin, Colombia , one of the most violent cities in the world and former home to the infamous Pablo Escobar. With an average of 9 violent murders per day in the city ( and counting ) as a resident you can't help but watch over your shoulder and do your best to keep your wits about you. It has become common practice for the people of Columbia, when purchasing a new vehicle, to immediately have it sent to a shop to be retrofitted with a variety of assault countermeasures. Here is the procedure in the customer's own words: "Well is fairly simple and quick 1. Buy Car 2. Take it to the Armoring shop 3. Discuss your risk of getting killed/kidnapped/car jacked a. I was only afraid of getting car jacked 4. Decide on armoring caliber, ie. Level II, III, IIII , IV a. Chose II 5. Drop off car 6. Armoring begins a. Remove all interior parts that are going to be armored b. Remove all windows c. Remove inside panels of doors d. Bake armored windows from template made from original windows e. All panels that wider that ~ 8 Inches are layered with Aramid type Yellowstone (Like Kevlar) f. Smaller panels , i.e A Pillar and B pillar are welded with 10MM thick Steel, since Yellowstone needs more surface to work properly. g. Firewall gets Yellowstone treatment as well h. Roof gets Yellowstone treatment as well as the sunroof shield(Sun roof remains completely operational) i. Doors are widened to accommodate larger windows. j. Put rear windows in and gate window. k. Assemble interior together l. Install loud siren m. Mount plastic wheel on the wheels, so the car can run with a flat 7. Deliver car to customer with about 300+ pounds of theft deterrent material. 8. Happy customer!!!! "

With all of the added weight of the theft deterrent that naturally takes it's toll on the performance. To counter this, an arsenal of performance parts were ordered up including a full set of our bulletproof BFI Stage 1 Engine Mounts . Here is a breakdown of all of the performance upgrades: APR Stage 2+ APR 3” DP Eurosport 3” Catback VMR V701 18x8.5 FK/Konigsport Coil-Overs BFI Stage 1 Engine Mounts APR FMIC Carbonio Stage 1 & 2 CAI APR Front & Rear Sway Bars

This combination of performance parts yields an extremely potent and most importantly reliable A3. The final result is a vehicle that will not only stand up to a firefight but can also make a quick getaway when necessary.

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