Free With Next 150 Orders!


Everybody gets a little low from time to time.  That's why we're stepping up and shipping out these limited production, Black Forest Industries tire pressure gauges for FREE* with purchase so that you can keep an eye on your levels.  We don't want anyone running around out there on flat tires and ruining those precious and shiny wheel lips (nevermind the safety concerns).  There's only one small catch though; there's only 150 of these and when they are gone that's it!   So, if you've been eyeing a motor mount kit, clutch, lip spoiler, headlight set, shift knob, or any of the other great items we offer then now's the time to grab one of these before they're gone!

**Minimum $50 purchase, not including shipping costs / In-stock items only
DSC_2078 DSC_2095

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