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Got a slipping clutch? Too much power or just time for a replacement? Starting March 25th be the first to purchase one of our BFI 1.8T or VR6 (not 020 )clutch and flywheel kits and write a review on the part on and you will receive a webstore coupon for 50% of the purchase price of the clutch kit.

We offer several stages of clutch kits with included lightweight flywheel for maximum performance at an affordable price. We are confident that when installed in the correct application these kits will hold up to the test.

Two coupons will be awarded, one for the customer who reviews our 1.8T clutch and flywheel kit, and one who reviews the VR6 clutch and flywheel kit. You may include this review either in a new thread or an existing build thread. You must accompany your write-up both with photos of the clutch kit and links and references to our site.

Not applicable for 020 Clutch Kits or other OEM replacement clutch and flywheel kits 

March 27, 2013