Some things are better left alone. That’s how a lot of people likely feel about the MK7 Golf R. While there might be some merit to that school of thought, we’re pretty confident that the world would be a more boring place if everyone left everything as it rolled off the production line, (not to mention the fact that we’d be out of a job!).

Fortunately for us our customers often see things the way we do and without much provocation we’re able to coerce even the most timid enthusiasts into making some personal improvements. This MK7 Golf in question is no exception to this. It’s been through our doors since the beginning for a whole host of upgrades including but not limited to: APR Stage 2 software, bringing the power output to 387hp and well north of 400 ft lbs of torque. To handle that power we’ve upgraded this VW with a Stage 3 lightweight flywheel and clutch kitas well as a set of our BFI Stage 2 Engine Mounts

Further improving the driving feel, we’ve upgraded the shift linkage with an APR adjustable short throw shift kit coupled with a Black Forest Industries weighted GS1 shift knob.

But the real pièce de résistance of this customer’s car is the Airlift Air Ride installation with the AutoPilot V2 management system. This kit is carefully tucked away in the spare tire well, utilizing the factory false floor to tastefully, yet subtly showcase what lies beneath. This kit allows for maximum flexibility, providing a large range of adjustment all while monitoring ride height in real time to ensure maximum performance and comfort. Of course the satisfaction comes from emptying the air bladders and watching that sleek black silhouette  hunch on top of the glossy Rotiform KPS wheels.

While we’re sure there is more in store for this Golf R, at its present state the list of modifications are enough to dramatically transform the driving experience, while not so much as to detract from this MK7’s already great qualities. There’s more than enough power to back up the menacing looks, and its appearance is enough to stand out from the crowd without being too over the top. Just the way we like it.

February 13, 2018