In The Shop Today - RS5 Wheel Spacers

In The Shop Today

We recently had the pleasure of having a customer drop in with their RS5 looking for a more aggressive stance, while still maintaining an OE+ look.  We were able to pull two sets of wheel spacers off the shelf and quickly transform the appearance from tame to more menacing in just a few minutes.  With 15mm (66.6 centerbore)  up front and 20mm (66.6 centerbore) in the rear, we had the wheels sitting extremely flush with the fenders, going as far as we would be comfortable for stock ride height.  This customer is not planning to lower the vehicle so this allowed us to go a little larger than we normally would for someone planning on a drop.  For that we would recommend more in the range of 10mm front and 15mm rear. 

Our spacers have optional included bolts in the appropriate length available in both cone (most aftermarket wheels) or ball seat (most OEM). 

We offer two finishes of spacer at the moment, black and silver, and for this application we chose to go with the black as it blends better with the rotor hat and the other dark accents.

By pushing the wheels out to the fenders, visually the car has a more intentional and muscular look, giving a much sportier impression. Sighting down the beltline and rocker of the car, the lines are not interrupted by the wheel arches, but instead everything flows much more smoothly from the front the rear of the vehicle. 

Additionally, the RS5 now has an even wider track, which adds to the stability and handling. All of this was accomplished in a very short time, is 100% safe with our hubcentric design, and is completely reversible should the vehicle ever be sold or turned back into the dealer. 

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