Our intentions with this car were to create a clean example of a MK3 without breaking the bank, while being able to utilize and showcase as many of our off the shelf parts as possible. While some liberties were taken and minor and significant modifications were made, we still feel as though we remained true to our original goals. The end result speaks for itself .

This 1998 Ginster Yellow Driver's Edition GTI was purchased from a fellow vwvortex member 40 days prior to the last major show of the year, H20 International. We set a tight deadline for ourselves planning to have it ready for our booth at the show. With10 out of the 40 days leading up to the show being dedicated to paint and body we had our work cut out for us.

After several late nights and weekends, the majority of the mechanical work had been handled, and it was time for the body shop to do their thing. Waiting patiently for it's return we finally received it back with our deadline fast approaching. The mad dash began to reassemble the car and have it looking it's best for the show, all while trying to handle the regular duties that come with with being a vendor .

Fortunately it all came together, just like the A-team, and the car was on display as planned in Ocean City. We were able to get the Bee on the dyno upon arriving home so that we could get an idea for what kind of power we were seeing at the wheels. Our initial dyno run yielded 264 whp / 281wtq. Since that day we have made some noticeable improvements, including a modified USRT short runner manifold and a more aggressive cam. We feel confident those changes significantly increased power.

-Front euro texture top bumper
-Rear euro texture top bumper -Euro rebar support -European Radiator Support -Jetta front end swap -BFI J3 smoked e-code headlight -BFI 3 bar badgeless grill -JOM Smoked Fogs and Turns -Euro 53mm tex side moldings -Textured glx side skirts -35% tint -Jetta hood with shaved washer nozzles -Rear hatch with shaved VW logo and washer arm -Hatch wing removed -Gloss black roof w/shaved antenna -Shaved body seams under rear lights -Euro duckbill lip spoiler -Full respray in factory ginster yellow

Wheels, Brakes, and Suspension
-HRE 3pc 16x7front and 17x8rear wheels 5x114.3 -Pirelli Pzero Nero 195/40/16f and 205/40/17r tires -Custom wheel adapter/spacers 4x100-to-5x114.3 19mm front, 24mm rear -Spax 28 -way adjustable coilovers -Koni red struts and shocks -G60 HD strut mounts -FK lower front tie bar -BFI rear tiebar BFI Control Arms with poly bushings -Eurospecsport 11.3" front brake upgrade -Eurospecsport 11" rear brake upgrade -Prothane poly bushings

Engine and Transmission
-Kinetic ABA Stage3 Based Turbo Kit -Kinetic built T3/T4 47trim -Kinetic 8v turbo manifold -Kinetic ss head spacer -Kinetic stage3 software -Kinetic 3" alu MAF housing -Kinetic dp -Tial wastegate -BFI turbo oil pan and windage tray -BFI Stage.5 poly motor mount complete kit -New South Performance PowerGasket -All alu race radiator -Air-to-water IC w/-12an lines -USRT WAI kit -USRT 440 delphi injector -USRT oil cooler kit w/mocal core and -10an lines -BBM billet fuel rail w/-4an fuel lines -BFI custom IC piping -BFI custom intake plumbing -Eurospecsport lightweight flywheel -BFI Stage2 clutch kit
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January 08, 2011