After many months of R&D we are finally pleased to announce the release of our long anticipated MK3 1.8T Conversion Kit.. We have made only very few minor changes in the addition of a 3.5 bar fuel pressure regulator, as well as some slight tweaking to our original distributor design. We are now confident that included in the basic kit are all the essential pieces necessary to give you that jumpstart on quickly and easily swapping any 1.8T into your MK3 ABA car. Additionally, we have built out a new section on the website that includes ancillary and additional add-on products that you may or may not choose to include on your project. We have outlined these new products in our comprehensive installation guide to help make the swap even more convenient. Below is a look at everything that is included in the "basic" swap kit:

MK3 1.8T Conversion Kit

  • •  Proprietary modified distributor
  • •  Custom ignition wire set
  • •  CNC machined throttle cable bracket
  • •  3.5 bar fuel pressure regulator
  • •  Custom performance software (developed with C2 Motorsports)


MK3 1.8T Conversion Kit Available Now

November 20, 2013