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You have asked and we have answered - one of our most frequent requests is now available for purchase! We are excited to announce the release of our OE fabric inlay shift boot for MK5, MK6, and MK7 manual Volkswagen GTIs. Using OE plaid materials popularized by the GTIs, we now offer an aftermarket match to your OE interior that leaves nothing to be desired! These boots have the same look and feel of their DSG counterparts, with only slight modifications required for installation.

OE Fabric Inlay

Available in Black Alcantara or Black Leather, paired with your choice of red or silver stitching. Any combination you choose will give your VW's interior the ultimate OE+ upgrade. 

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Stitched In-House

All of our shift boots are made-to-order, a fun fact most may not be aware of. With our skilled upholstery team's high attention to detail, quality is ensured with every stitch. 

MK5/6 Shift Boots - Jacky Plaid

The MK5/6 boots each come in 8 variations depending on your pick of OE Jacky Plaid (red or blue) and stitch color.





MK7 Shift Boots - Clark Plaid

The MK7 boots come in 8 variations depending on your pick of OE Clark Plaid fabric (GTI red or GTE blue) and stitch color.


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MK8 GTI Manual Shift Boot - Tartan Plaid

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