MK7 Golf Brake Upgrade

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Borrowing from big brother's parts bin has never been easier than with the MQB chassis. While the Golf gets smaller front brakes, the rear brakes are just the same as the GTI, so it only takes a very simple bolt on upgrade to put the stopping power of your Golf on the same level as a standard GTI. This recently added kit includes a pair of OEM GTI Caliper Carriers, a pair of 312mm vented rotors, and optional pads. On our Golf we chose to use a set of Mintex brake pads. These pads offer a very similar feel to stock, requiring no special care or warm up and they perform great for street applications. These pads are silent, yet do create minimal dusting very much in line with a factory brake pad. Overall stopping is noticeably improved over the stock Golf brakes and the diameter increase helps with more consistent and deliberate brake feel. Prior to this upgrade, with the APR software installed, the car definitely felt a bit difficult to harness after a dip into boost. Now we can stop with increased confidence without breaking the bank.

Out with the old:

DSC_0847 DSC_0848

Comparison of stock Golf rotor and upgraded 312mm rotor and carrier


We decided to paint our parts gloss black for a more consistent and even finish.


Optional Mintex Pads


New carriers installed

DSC_0856 Pads DSC_0857



Brakes bled and you're all done. Very simple and straightforward



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