**BMP Tuning Exclusive**

Toyota parts? From BFI? Yes we know it seems strange, and we understand the confusion, Toyota is not a brand we usually spend time designing parts for. As many of you know however, this Toyota is a bit different. Based on teh Bhe BMW G29 Z4 chassis, this A90 generation Supra is a bit different from its predicessors. While externally its prescense is all Toyota, inside its got a Bavarian heart, a B58 (or B48) engine and a ZF Auto or manual transmission, and on top of that its even built in Austria. This Toyota is as German as they come, and we are proud to announce our line of products for this rocketship.


OEM engine mounts are designed for stock power, and adding power can lead to premature wear, and even failure. We offer the mount kit in two stages, the Stage 1 (70a durometer) is geared towards the spirited enthusiast who wants better control over motor movement without the sacrifice of excessive vibrations. The Stage 2 (85a durometer) is more for the track-going enthusiast who is looking for maximum performance from their motor mounts. Stage 3 will also be available soon.


Our A90 Supra Engine Mount Kit will completely replace your OEM mounts. Through our proprietary design, we eliminate the possibility of premature failure by maximizing bushing area while minimizing vibrations where possible. Each mount is fully serviceable, and can be upgraded from Stage 1, to Stage 2 or even Stage 3 (Delrin acetal bushings)  if your driving preferences or demands change.


Utilizing laser scanning technology - we are the first to offer a solution that exceeds factory fit and finish with each mount. All bosses and recesses are matched replicas of the stock locations, and all tool clearances and specs are maintained. The use of billet aluminum creates a mount that is dramatically stronger than the OEM BMW mount for your Supra. Our design ensures that all accessories can be reattached just like OEM, for as seamless an install as possible.

BMP's A90 Supra Motor Mount Install

Supra Interior Upgrades

While we borrowed BMP's Supra for R&D, we couldn't help but give the interior the classic BFI touch by installing our shift knob and boot combo. With a multitude material and color options to choose from, they went with the black anodized Supra Manual GS2 with Black Air Leather, along with the yellow BFI crest coin. With the shift boot design completed, BMP elected for the Alcantara shift boot with yellow stitching to keep the color theme consistent. On went the shift knob and boot, and we were extremely satisfied with the final product!

BFI A90 Supra Manual Shift Knobs

GS1 Full Billet

GS2 Napa Leather

GS2 Air Leather

GS2 Alcantara

BFI A90 Supra Manual Shift Boots

A90 Supra Manual Leather Boot

A90 Supra Manual Alcantara Boot