New Lower Brake Pricing


We've recently expanded our brake parts sections of our catalog, as well as updated listings with new lower prices. In addition to added savings we are excited to be able to off same or next day shipping in almost all instances. There's never been a better time to refresh the stopping ability on your vehicle, at a great value too. Below are just some of the highlighted additions to our store:

Bosch QuietCast Premium Brake Rotors

Bosch rotors utilize innovative materials that ensure the very highest quality - and prevent brake judder, noise, vibration and harshness. Bosch QuietCast Premium Disc Brake Rotors utilize vehicle specific castings. The heat flow casting process produces superior G3000, GG20, GG15 and HC (high carbon) casting. Bosch castings provide strength and durability not found in competitive product. While competitors may provide a low cost product which helps save money, their castings can crack and provide poor durability. Bosch QuietCast provides consistent, safe and long lasting performance. Alutherm 80 Coating - Bi-metal aluminum and zinc clean-look coating/Alutherm 80 extends the life of the rotor and provides a clean look for today's open wheels

Features and Benefits:

  • OE-Equivalent and a direct fit replacement
  • Prevent rust and corrosion with clear-look coating protection
  • Provide a clean look for today's open-wheeled vehicles
  • Are 100% balanced for smooth operation
  • Factory-engraved edge code and minimum thickness specifications



Brembo UV Coated High Carbon Brake Rotor

The Brembo brand has a range of over 1,600 items, which covers a remarkable 98% of all passenger cars and commercial vehicles on the roads in Europe today. Brembo manufactures an OE-Quality Brake Disc that assures maximum performance and enhanced driving comfort and offers with its aftermarket rotors the same levels of quality, technology and performance that are found in many of the prestigious OEM fitments. Brembo UV Coating Technology: Brembo is the first to offer UV coating technology engineered for our leading OE customers with a unique metallic finish developed exclusively for the Aftermarket. The UV coated disc does not require cleaning and degreasing. These discs are ideal for vehicle with alloy wheels and for motorists for whom attention to detail is a prerequisite. High Carbon Discs: With their optimized thermal inertia, Brembo High Carbon discs reduce both vibration and noise. These products are the result of Brembo technology and a meticulously controlled production process in the brands foundries, which makes it possible to precisely vary the chemical composition of the cast iron, increasing the percentage of carbon in High Carbon discs. PVT pillar venting technology: (Vented Rotors Only) Brembo PVT discs feature the exclusive pillar venting system patented by Brembo, which improves cooling capacity and increases resistance to thermal cracking by over 40%. Fixing screw kits: discs are supplied with all the necessary fixing hardware for simpler, more efficient and safer installation

Features and Benefits:

  • Metallic finish that maintains a clean and bright appearance over the entire life span of the disc
  • Protective coating on braking plate surfaces, external diameter and disc hub to ensure complete protection
  • New location for minimum thickness control with greater ease of reading for service professionals
  • Water-based paint free of chemical solvents - Energy efficient UV coating process
  • Superior to products currently on the market proven by resistance to: Salt spray testing, Humidity and High temperatures







Bosch QuietCast™ Premium Brake Pads

Employing the industry's best pre-attached, rubber core shims and Molded Shim Technology (on selected applications), QuietCast™ delivers the quiet operation you and your customers expect with the durability and long life that are the hallmarks of all Bosch products.



Brembo Ceramic Brake Pads

Designed and engineered to enhance braking power, Brembo Ceramic Brake Pads minimize braking distances while offering a quiet and safe braking experience on a variety of road conditions. Original Equipment Direct Moulding Pressing Process provides a proper and accurate fit. The positive molding process uses extreme pressure to compress friction materials and provide balanced bonding to the backing plate. Each pad is then thermal scorched following Brembo's O.E. specifications to lessen running-in and fading. Brembo's multi-layer ESE (Elastomer - Steel - Elastomer) red shim, clearly identifying the pads as Brembo pads, dampens noise and minimizes vibrations. Additional noise dampening is handled by the backing plate which also acts as a heat shield to reduce heat transfer to the caliper. Developed for a wide range of applications, inc luding premium imports and domestic models, Brembo Ceramic Brake Pads offer the performance, dust reductions, comfort, reliability and longevity drivers demand.

Features and Benefits:

  • Ceramic Formulation
  • European applications follow ECE-R90 Certification
  • Abutment clips included where applicable
  • Lubricant included
  • Brembo sticker included
  • Security label inside box (web based verification system to certify as Brembo genuine


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