Maxton Design is back again with some new styling options for your VW or Audi. As the exclusive U.S. importer of Maxton Design we have been very pleased with just how popular and attractive these products have been over the last year, and we are very happy to see even more new releases being made available.  Their wide variety of splitters install easily, are available for most makes and models, and dramatically enhance the appearance of your car. While Maxton Design already offers a very popular Maxton Design MK7 Golf R Front Bumper Splitter / Spoiler - Version 1, they've now released a Version 2 option that gives a distinct and unique look. This new splitter pairs perfectly with yet another new release, their Maxton Design MK7 Golf R Side Skirt Diffusers . These two combined together offer a complete styling updgrade that further sets your Golf R apart from the crowd, while giving it a much more aggressive and track ready look.

mk7rr Untitled-2

In addition to the new offerings for VW, Maxton Design also has a few new splitters for you Audi owners too, both old and new. While the new 8V S3 looks pretty menacing right out of the box, we can't help but feel that this new Maxton Design Audi 8V S3 Sedan Front Bumper Splitter / Spoiler gives the S3 just that little bit extra that it was missing. These days the bolt on look is really taking off and this is a great cost effective and visually appealing solution.

Untitled-6 Untitled-5

And for those of you with more 'classic' Audis, you have not been left out. Maxton has released a splitter for you B6 S4 and B7 A4 owners, giving your aging ride a new lease on life. Don't think of it as trying to be hip, so much as keeping up with the times. If we did the same thing year after year we'd all be riding around on MOMO arrow wheels :) Maxton Design B6 S4 Splitter / Spoiler


Maxton Design B7 A4 Splitter / Spoiler - S-Line Bumper


June 16, 2016