Is your engine running? Then you’d better catch it before it leaves your engine bay for good. Torn engine mounts leave your motor completely disconnected from your chassis, and you completely disconnected from your driving experience. It's very common for vehicles with even moderately high mileage to experience vague power delivery and extremely sloppy shifting, as well as a noticeable thunk during acceleration and gear changes. These symptoms are almost always caused by failures of one of two (sometimes both) engine mounts which are identical in construction. Under harder driving even brand new factory engine mounts will wear out very quickly and will not hold up to the forces during spirited sprints. As a result of this we have developed a bullet proof solution in the form of our Performance BMW Engine Mounts. We are the first to develop a fully billet replacement mount for these BMW applications that retains the use of factory heat shield elements. The use of billet aluminum creates a mount that is dramatically stronger than the cast rubber stock mount.

Stage 1 with its 65a durometer bushings are recommended for 4 cylinder applications and are geared towards the spirited enthusiast who wants better control over motor movement without the sacrifice of excessive vibrations.

Stage 2 with its 85a durometer bushings are the only recommended choice for 6 and 8 cylinder applications. This durometer, while more performance oriented is quite comfortable in 6 and 8 cylinder applications are more for the hardcore enthusiast who is more concerned with performance than cabin vibration“ great for spirited runs and track cars.

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New Performance BMW Engine Mounts

December 18, 2013