When it comes to MK2s Matt has a bit of a weakness to say the least. Having owned and actually driven six different MK2s over the years he is no stranger to the quirky charms that make up one of the most popular VWs to ever be sold in these United States. In our opinion this '91 Jetta Coupe is the finest of the bunch, and that says a lot considering that out of the 5 previous MK2s there were some very well sorted VR swaps and other rare breeds that most would be proud to call their own. What makes this car even more special is how it came to be in Matts possession. After a good friend scored this car in original shape off of the elderly original owner for $300 he knew after owning it for only a short while that it would be wrong to deny Matt the opportunity to own such a fine specimen. A deal was struck and the coupe was to remain in the family.

It did not take long before Matt set about making improvements to the exterior in the form of a single round headlamp conversion, all red tail lights and smoked banana markers. Bringing the car closer to earth, a set of SPAX 70/60 springs coupled with Bilstein's. Initially the wheels were changed out in favor of a set of Porsche phone dials. This did not last long however as a once in a lifetime deal popped up on Craigslist for a set of BBS RS. This crowning touch on the outside of the car was dressed in full regalia from our BBS parts bin here at the shop and the results could not be more impressive.

On the inside another unbelievable bit of luck came in the form of a Helios Recaro interior that was all but donated to the car as if it was destined to find it's way onto the coupe by some cosmic force. Simple accenting touches were added such as the patterened golf ball shift knob, corrado steering wheel and the decision to retain a period correct tape-deck.

For the next phase of the project Matt turned his attention to the engine bay. Having already owned two VR6 powered MK2s a bit of a change was in order. In keeping with the OEM plus theme it was decided that a 16v would be a more period correct option. A 2.0l 9A with a 1.8l head was thrown in and dutifully connected up to the existing Digifant management in less than a weeks time.

With most of the boxes checked you would think Matt would be satisfied at this point, but we know that there's more in store for the silver stunner. Keep your eyes peeled as this space and the coupe continue to evolve!


-2.0L 9A w/ 1.8L Head
-ABA Metal Headgasket
-Heavy Duty Valve Springs
- 260* Cams
-DIGI 2 management
-42mm Intake manifold
-210m Lightweight flywheel
-BFI Stage 2 Performance Clutch Kit
-Peloquin 80% Differential Shim Kit
-K&N Drop in
-Fan Switch, Low Temp
-Thermostat,Low Temp
-MK2 Solid Front Mount

-Early Rear Motor Mount Bracket
Early style Rear Motor Mount -
-Solid Rubber Transmission Mount
-Oil Pan Baffle
-SPA Adjustable FPR
-BBM 16v Digi Flange Adapter
-MK2 Test Pipe Stock Diameter

-10.1 Front Brakes
-PBR Metal Master Pads for 10.1 Rotors
-Eurospec Rear Disk Conversion
-PBR Metal Master Rear Disc Pads, pair

-15" BBS RS 041

-Chrome BBS RS Nuts and Bolts
-Front 1.5" x15 BBS Lips
-Rear 2" x15" BBS Lips
-Billet Valve Stems Standard
-BBS Half Height Hex Caps
-BBS RS / RM Logocap

-MK2 SPAX 70/60 Sport Springs
-Bilstein MK2 Front Struts
-Bilstein MK2 Rear Shock - Sport
-G60 HD Upper Strut Mounts
-Poly Control Arm Bushings
-Tie Rod "Flip Kit" MK1, MK2, MK3
Prothane Rear Shock Mounts

-MK2 Single Round Badged Grille

-MK2 Round Headlight Radiator Support
-Single and Dual Round Grill Lower Trim
-All Red Tails
-Inpro Fluted Crosshair Ecodes
-MK2 Smoked Banana Lights
-9006 --> H4 Adapter
-MK2 Big Bumper Turn Signals - Gray


-Helios Recaro Seating
-Golf Ball knob w/ pattern
-Corrado Leather wheel
-Tape deck


June 08, 2011