Perfect weather, great people, and potent beer all combined to make for a relaxed and enjoyable first annual Oktoberfest and 10 year anniversary celebration. We want to thank everyone for such a great turn out and for being so well behaved despite the immense size of our commemorative beer steins. While not everyone made it through the day without taking an involuntary nap, no arrests were made and we did not see any ambulances in the parking lot. It was especially nice to see such a strong showing from the Mk1 crowd- making judging for the "Old School" award that much more difficult. Across the board all in attendance displayed their individuality in their vehicles rather than just conforming to the trends, as commented by Neill from Eurotuner, which to him was a refreshing aspect of the east coast scene. We did see some hard fought battles on both the "Off-Road" and "NBA Jam" game cabinets which is hard to pass up no matter what coast you're from (need some practice on that off road, Neill). We look forward to doing it all again next year. We do send out our apologies for those who were unable to purchase registration packages, and for those who were able to purchase them yet were not able to get food before it ran out. We did not anticipate quite so many people and next year you can be sure we will be even better prepared. Again our thanks go out to all of our customers not just those in attendance for helping us get to where we are now, and for future support in helping us continue doing what all of us enjoy. Prost!

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October 18, 2011