After the 5th Corrado you would think any sane person would stop wasting time , money , and sweat on a car that generally offers little more than a promise of something special. Fortunately there are those people out there lacking in good sense who are willing to put up with the oddities that come with one of the more unusual vehicles ever to wear a Volkswagen badge. This particular example started life as a '92 flash red SLC with tan leather interior. Sometime around '08 the number 4 piston attempted to liberate itself from the engine block- and unfortunately for the previous owner was more than successful.

With the block trashed the decision was made to go bigger and see just what the 12v could do. A set of Wiseco pistons, Autotech Cams, Lightweight flywheel and lifters, heavy port work, headers, test-pipe , and custom exhaust later the SLC was making 217 dyno proven crank hp. Future plans include custom software and an SPA short runner manifold in hopes of cracking the 200whp mark. While the motor was out the bay was cleaned and sprayed in the brown green you seen in the photos - later dubbed Black Forest Green. The sharpie came out and instructions were drawn on the faded pink paint as to how to improve the exterior of the Corrado for Bryson at WagenWerks Atlanta. Among the standard shaving additions were a few more challenging modifications- including Porsche sport mirrors and polished script door handles. Braving tornadoes, blizzards, and APR dealer conferences with heavy drinking distributors from Japan- the Corrado was safely delivered in Atlanta for it's work over.

While the paint and body were being handled- attention was turned to sourcing other necessary items the most notable of which being the cream retrimmed interior with full stitched dash and Recaro trophies. This interior was crafted by Love's Trim shop but came by way of YoYo, another Corrado / VW fanatic who's obsession with seats and leather is well known to say the least. Other rare but needed parts brought over from across the sea were the euro seat belt conversion, e-code headlights, and 90mm lip spoiler. A vintage mahogany MOMO steering wheel and matching shift knob were acquired as well to give a classier touch to the coupe.

The only few things left to do after taking delivery from Bryson at WagenWerks Atlanta were to install the interior, and of course exercise the few remaining Corrado demons- the window regulators, the sunroof (which was replaced with a Passat glass piece) , the fan module, and who could forget everybody's favorite- the hood release cable! Currently this SLC is awaiting stage 2 for the engine bay- check back for future updates.



Wiseco Forged Pistons
Lightweight Lifters"
Autotech Camshafts
Techtonics Exhaust Manifold
Eurospec LW Flywheel VR6
BFI Stage .5 Polyurethane Motor Mounts
BFI VR6 Cooling Kit

42 Draft Mk3 VR6 OBD1 Testpipe


>RH ZW1 17x8 , 17x9

Gold BBS RS Bolts and Nuts

B&G RS2 Coilovers MK2/MK3/Corrado

Control Arms with Poly Bushings and Balljoints Installed, VR6

Stabila Corse Mk2-4 Rear Torsion Bar - 28mm

MK3 VR6 Heavy Duty Strut Mounts

Prothane polyurethane rear shock mounts


E-Code headlights
ABT Replica Sideskirts
Corrado Badgeless Grill
Porsche Sport Mirrors
Porsche Script Door Handles
90mm Euro Lip Spoiler


Cream and Black Suede / Vinyl / Leather retrim
MOMO Steering Wheel
MOMO shift knob
Euro Seat Belt Conversion






November 15, 2011