A brief introduction to our new Project Fox. We travel to the drag strip to get some baseline quarter mile runs. All video filmed on an Iphone 4 -apologies for the sea sickness. Yes you read that title right, we at BFI have begun a new project and its a Fox drag car. The beast is a 91 2 dr bought about a yr ago as a semi-runner needing a head gasket and possibly a new transmission. Head gasket was weeping between #1 and #2 and was swapped out with a SPA high compression head gasket. Trans turned out to simply be bad linkages/bushings and was good as new after being replaced.

It has now been stripped down as bare as possible and we were able to get out a weighed 317lbs! Not bad for a car that begun life with only 2150lbs to haul from the factory. Also managed to kill the OEM clutch at the strip. This week a new clutchnet clutch and Jegs racing seat for the return trip to the strip. Plans are to continue the upgrade in steps, finally reaching(hopefully) 400hp with a BT aba swap. Next major step is a small turbo on the existing Digi set up and motor, mostly as an experiment to see if we can get digi to run with boost. Following that plans are for 2 steps of ABA turbo builds. The first a medium boost set up running ABA motronic. Then a big turbo high boost quest for low ET's More pics and details to follow... Initial tear down:

Time slip from the the best run on the first day out after only lightening of the car

A few shots of E30 motor mounts bolted up, including the slight modification required.

Time for a new motor, well to the fox anyway. Its a motor pulled from my Caddy consisting of a G60 bottom end and OBD1 ABA head. Out with the old:

Progress has slowed a bit on the car, most of us at the shop were gone all last week at SEMA. As well had a few issues with suppliers sending the incorrect clutch/pressure plate set ups. Should have that sorted out now, hopefully. New, to the Fox anyway, motor is in tho:

We are going to have to modify the one show in the picto work with the Fox and our set up as well as convert to manual brakes. The mock up: More to come...

October 13, 2010