Well it's been a while but our MK7 Project Schwarz has been through some changes and received quite a few upgrades over the last couple of months. We wanted to go a more aggressive route in terms of both performance and appearance while taking the opportunity to try out a few of the new products that we've recently added to our store. Check out the photos below of just some of what's new with Project Schwarz:

B F I    A L C A N T A R A    E -  B R A K E    B O O T

The factory MK7 E-brake Boot leaves a lot to be desired from a fit and finish standpoint. We've decided to toss that old thing out and develop this direct replacement option in either Alcantara, or the highest quality German leather available on the market. Laced up with your choice of colored thread, this seemingly inconspicuous part breathes new life into your interior. They look great when paired with our matching custom shift boots as well!


M A X T O N   D E S I G N    R E A R  D I F F U S E R

Maxton Design has recently released this aggressive looking upgrade for your MK7 GTI, and if you're creative enough, your MK7 Golf. This piece is made from CNC routed PVC plastic and custom fit specifically to the GTI. This piece can be polarizing, however it looks right at home once you see it in person, and we think it compliments Project Schwarz's styling very well.

"MAXTON Design's new rear MK7 GTI rear diffuser & rear side splitters are a bolt-on ready solution that will improve the looks of the your MK7 GTI rear bumper in a matter of minutes! This diffuser and splitters are made of black ABS plastic and can be painted to match your car if you choose."


  • MK7 Golf 2.0T Rear Diffuser

  • MK7 Golf 2.0T Rear Side Splitters


Since Project Schwarz did not come equipped with the dual exit exhaust or dual exit valence, we had to get a little creative to be able to balance out the look and function of things. We split our exhaust system and ran a secondary outlet in the factory location that matched up to our OEM GTI rear valence.

For our upcoming brake upgrade we knew that space was going to be at a premium so a more open spoked wheel was necessary. These BBS CFs fit the bill very nicely, offering an aesthetically pleasing design that isn't over done, as well as offering strength and rigidity without being too heavy (roughly 26 lbs) for 19 x 8.5"  We chose to paint these in a a satin anthracite as well as add the always popular red and gold BBS logo caps to complete the look.  Here's a teaser, finished look below.

M Q B   D I V E R T E R   V A L V E   S P A C E R

We wanted some audible feedback to match the looks, and the Pwrhaus Diverter Valve Spacer sounds absolutely perfect with the added boost from our APR software. With a quick lift at full boost in third gear you get a satisfactory "pshhhhh" noise which is immensely satisfying no matter how cool your pretend to be. Everyone should have one of these installed.

"Looking for an incredible sound from your EA888 gen. 3 1.8T or 2.0T? Well look no further than the Pwrhaus Diverter Valve Spacer. With it’s unique slotted outlet design you get incredible audible feedback from your motor. Installation is simple and requires no modification to your existing diverter valve or boost plumbing. Machined anodized construction, includes all hardware for a bolt-on installation."

M K 7    P E R F O R M A N C E   P A C K    S W A Y   B A R

The factory Golf swaybay is the smallest of the bunch coming in at only 19mm. We chose to add the largest possible OEM swaybar which comes equipped on certain performance pack GTI models. This sway bar measures 21.7 mm - almost 3 full mm larger than the Golf.  Needless to say that this increase in diameter translates to a very noticeable increase in driving performance by significantly decreasing the body roll and helping to keep Project Schwarz more planted.  For only $139.99 and an OEM fit because this is an OEM part, we think this is a great option for those who are looking to make an improvement in their car's feel without going overboard into full- on race car and sacrificing streetability.


 T T - R S   B R E M B O    B R A K E  U P G R A D E

With the APR software, R600 intake, and our custom exhaust all working to make Project Schwarz get down the road faster, we realized we needed even more stopping power than the GTI brakes we originally upgraded to. These factory Audi TT-RS parts were just the ticket when it came to an OEM fit as well as significantly improved braking performance. We chose to custom paint these in a Brembo gold as well as add the Brembo logo decal which we cut in-house. These are for the most part a direct fit onto our MK7 and while it was close the caliper dimensions did require us to add an additional 3mm spacer to clear.

Overall we are very pleased with this kit and would absolutely recommend this upgrade to anyone looking to anchor their car to the road when necessary.

Here's how Project Schwarz sits at the moment, awaiting a few big changes hopefully in the coming months. We are still amazed at just how much potential and value there is in even the Golf when compared to the GTI.  This car would run circles around any GTI off the showroom, and it didn't take too much to get it to this point.

March 21, 2017