Black Forest Industries is proud to announce the release of our newest product line: The Stabila Series Swaybars A long time in the making this sway bar series features solid sprung steel construction in both "Street" and soon to be available "Corse" applications. With forged ends and durable multiple powdercoat finish these swaybars are strong enough to stand up to whatever you can throw at them. See below for a a brief listing of what is available. Click each image for more information or to place an order. Stabila Street Mk4 Front Sway Bar -


Stabila Street MK4 Rear Swaybar - 25mm

Stabila Street MK5 / MK6 Rear Sway Bar 25mm

Stabila Street B5 A4 / S4 Front Sway Bar 29mm

Stabila Street B5 A4 Rear Sway Bar - 19mm

Stabila Corse B5 A4 / S4 Rear Sway Bar - 22mm

June 07, 2012