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We are excited to announce the release of our newest shift knob, the third evolution in our billet shift knob line, the GS3. Available in a Machined Aluminum or Black Anodized finish, we think you'll find it just as difficult to choose your favorite as we did! Simply put, you can't go wrong either way you choose. Scroll down to learn more...

Ergonomic Design

Taking inspiration from ergonomic Porsche designs, we created this new GS3 shift knob that offsets two aluminum hemispheres 3.5mm forward of the shift rod. This makes pushing forward and pulling back motions easier and more natural feeling than ever. Also, like Porsche knobs, the base holding the GS3’s hemispheres is home to a small groove that your fingers naturally gravitate towards. It just feels right in the hand and was meant to be there.

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Raw Finish

The GS3 comes as an un-wrapped raw aluminum knob, which showcases the mesmerizing machining patterns unlike any other shift knob. The raw machine finish has a few unintentional benefits as well - small ridges not only increase grip but offer more surface area to cool from while reducing overall contact area from touch. As a result, it won’t feel as hot on a blistering summer day, but even if your hand is already a little sweaty you can still shift with confidence.

Each GS3 comes with a BFI chrome crest coin to match. With the Machined Finish knob paired with our silver chrome coin, and the Black Anodized knob paired with our black chrome coin. 

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