Waterfest 18 - Event Coverage

Event Coverage

With rain threatening to put a damper on the weekend we had our reservations about just how many people would actually turn out for the 18th annual Waterfest in Englishtown, New Jersey. Fortunately the heavens spared us just in time and the VAG enthusiasts arrived like clockwork to be treated to spectacular weather, show cars, and parts deals. APR really stepped their game up this year, bringing 3 semi trucks full of employees, hard parts, and software gurus in preparation to chip and upgrade as many attendees as possible, even going so far as to offer free exhaust installation on all their RSC products. While the night life seemed much more subdued than usual, that did not stop the show car and exhibition parking lots from filling up on Sunday, offering even more to look at and admire. An unusually impressive showing from the MK1 crowd was a welcomed change of pace to what many criticize as an all MK5 air show. It seems evident that despite forum speculation, Waterfest is here to stay and while it may not have the cult following that other shows do, it does have it's place.

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