Griot's Garage 10691 Synthetic Clay (Brilliant Finish), black red

SKU: 10691

Brilliant Finish Synthetic Clay cuts faster than clay bars thanks to the texture and synthetic make-up of the clay/polymer matrix. A traditional clay bar has only one leading edge to remove contaminants on initial contact. It's blunt. The diamond pattern found in Synthetic Clay's clay/polymer matrix creates more edges and more opportunities to remove stubborn contaminants. The comfortable foam palm pad creates less hand fatigue and is much more maneuverable than clay bars, a win-win for detail-minded enthusiasts everywhere.

Features & Benefits

  • Unique Clay Or Polymer Matrix Removes Impurities Faster Than Clay Bars
  • Can Use Speed Shine ® Or Wash Water As A Lubricant
  • Lasts Longer, Preps Up To 24 Cars, 3 Times More Than Traditional Clay
  • Unlike Traditional Clay, If Dropped Simply Rinse Clean And Continue
  • Works Great On Glass
  • Comfortable Foam Grip Is Easier To Hold And Use Than Clay Bar
  • No Supplier Warranty