Wurth HHS-K High Pressure Lubricating Oil

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Wurth HHS-K lubricant is highly adhesive and resistant to high pressure. It penetrates into tight areas and sets into a high temperature grease. HHS 2000 is great for parts subjected to high pressures, impacts and vibrations. It prvides long term action and corrosion protection. Resistant to water, brine, many acids and alkalis. Unaffected temperature range: -95 F to +392 F. 16.9 oz. HIGHLIGHTS:
  • Synthetic lubricant
  • Adheres strongly to metal
  • Temperature resistant from -31°F to +392°F
  • Silicone free
  • Starts as penentrant, sets into clear grease
  • Long lasting lubricant
  • Resistant to water, salt, most acids & alkalines - PH neutral
  • Will not harm plastics or rubber