BFI Transmission Mount Inserts - Stage 3

SKU: EBFI78-T4-003

Stage 3 transmission mount bushings are designed for those individuals that value performance first, and comfort and ride as a secondary goal. Focused for those who have high horsepower engines, and track-focused vehicles. Great for the road coarse or the dragstrip.

Machined in house from Delrin 500 Acetal base stock - these Stage 3 bushings are a 70d durometer hardness (a different scale than the a scale of our urethane bushings). This gives you the stiffness of a solid aluminum mount without some of the harshness (keep in mind these will cause much more vibration than even our stage 2 bushings).

Priced as a pair - enough to replace the bushings on 1 Gen 2 BFI transmission mount.