GSB Universal - Alcantara


Please note that our shift knobs are made-to-order. Due to an increase in shift knob orders, there is currently a 2-3 week lead time depending on the specific vehicle application. Please contact for more information, thank you!

Here at Black Forest Industries, we constantly look to improve our products while broadening their range of applications. After releasing our Universal GS2 shift knob, the next natural step was to create a universal fitment for our popular GSB shift knob. The Universal GSB comes in three finishes, Machined, Clear Anodized, and Black Anodized. Through our use of threaded adapters, we have made our GSB shift knob applicable to a various thread pitches, allowing for a range of manual vehicle applications.

Included Metric Adapters:

  •  8mm x 1.25
  • 10mm x 1.25
  • 10mm x 1.5
  • 12mm x 1.25
  • 12mm x 1.5
  • 12mm x 1.75

Included Standard Adapters:

  • 5/15-18
  • 3/8-16
  • 3/8-24
  • 7/16-20
  • 1/2-13
  • 1/2-20


    • One heavy weight GSB shift knob
    • One BFI Crest logo coin
    • One Adapter Set Metric or Standard.