The show must go on, even when there is no show. That's the saying right?!  Well that is exactly what happened this year in Ocean City, Maryland despite the lack of any sort of official organized event.  In a way it's a testament to just how successful this event (or lack thereof) has become, waning attendance aside.  Moreover it is a testament to how well suited the municipality of Ocean City is, logistically speaking, for hosting an unofficial event such as this.

H20 International as a show does not offer much else, in fact in its most recent state offers less than many of the other popular shows on the east coast.  What it does offer is a scenic and central area for lodging with prime viewing to the strip.  Now this may seem simplistic and logical, but this is the biggest thing H20 has going for it.  And show or no show, people are going to send it.

We've said it before but the strong attendance this year solidifies the fact that more often than not these days the enthusiast crowd is not concerned with structure and awards categories. A trophy does not validate anything in this day and age.  It's more rewarding to just participate in a more organic and less organized fashion. There's nothing to win (likes aside)...but alternatively there is nothing to lose.  It is more inclusive. It is free.

The show and shows like this will go on, because that is what the people want and ultimately that's who the show is for, not the vendors, and not the organizers. We can lament the good 'ol days all we want to but that won't stop what has already been put in motion. There will always be morons from all camps ruining things for the majority, the best you can do is not be one of them.

Below is just a sampling of the variety from this year... Jamie from Orchid Euro ironically trying to coax his Audi Hearse back to life while wearing a 'vintage' BFI T-shirt We were still selling our most popular products on the strip and we even were able to assist with a few simple installs after purchase as well, like in this MK3 Nate from NGP's long term vintage MK2 race car project. Very awesome to see this up and running around.
October 17, 2017